Detailer's diary: swirl finders

Flashlights or as they called swirl finders are very important for polishing, coating and all kind of work detailers face with. Have you ever seen someone polishing cars in the dark? No? I've seen guys polishing on the streets without any additional lights. Do you want to see what results you might face?

This is a sample of what you might get with bad illumination

So let's get down to business and take a look at different options of flashlights/swirl finders. We'll take a look at a very cheap options and at a premium ones as well.

Swirl finder is a very important tool for every detailer.

Ivan S.

Number 1. Rupes - is the most expensive (approx. $40, depending on the country), but considered to be one of the best, as it is small, light and very effective.

Number 2. We move on to a cheaper options, that can be ordered at AliExpress or Ebay. Next one costs around $7 at is quite good for this price.

Number 3. Next option is the chepiest one - G700 Tactical X800 flashlight with 5000LM!!! 5000LM CARL!! Of course it doesn't have 5000LM but in description it looks cool)) Price is around $5.

Number 4. The last but of course not the least option is zk50 CREE XM-L2 with 4500LM. Price may vary from $8 to $15, depending on promotion and discounts.

All of the flashlights are plausable to be used.

Ivan S.

Assumptions. All of the flashlights are plausable to be used. You can get used to any of them, but of course, the best and the most comfortable one is Rupes. The worst one is the cheapest one, number 3. But you have couple of other options, which are not that expensive as well! So pick up the one you prefer and the one you can afford and just detail it!!

Remember one thing! Clean-o-hol responsively!

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