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Detailing a Ferrari F8 on a Stormy Day ⛈

In todays video I have a bizarre request to clean a Ferrari F8. and share my thoughts on drying a car in the rain.

32w ago

So being a mobile car cleaner i get all sorts of weird and wonderful requests and today was no different. I had a very clean Ferrari F8 That required a wash and one of the problems you face on a daily basis is struggles with the weather.

Drying a car in the Rain. Is it Worth it?

Well yes in fact it is because if you leave it after a wash you will find spotting can occur even in the bad rain. You may also find smearing if you haven't removed all the shampoo from the paintwork. Always make sure you have plenty of microfibre drying towels. This is mega important and I urge you to not exactly dry it 100% because sometimes that can be impossible if the rain doesn't stop but if your using someone else's water supply or not using pure water systems or filters you will find you will eventually cause water spotting. Plus you could be using a cheaper shampoo which may leave streaks and it can happen after the rain has stopped so i urge you to work on one panel at a time and note it in your mind once its done its done. Sometimes you cant ceramic spray it or wax it but that's just the nature of the business unless you have a pop up canopy or a garage.

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