Details about the C8 Corvette ZR1 have been leaked

It'll have a lot of power. A LOT.

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There's been rumours of what the higher performance versions of the latest incarnation of the Corvette will be like for a good while now. Now, it looks like at least one of those rumours has finally been confirmed. According to reports from Motor Trend, the ZR1 version of the C8 Corvette is going to be something absolutely ridiculous indeed...

It's been rumoured that a hybrid Corvette will be an option for over a year and, according to the Motor Trend reports, that hybrid powertrain option will be what powers the ZR1. It won't be a weedy hybrid either. It's estimated to be able to put out power that's within the realms of 900 hp! The hybrid system will be mated with an all-new twin turbo V8, the engine that (in non-hybrid form) will be powering the Z06 variant. The engine on its own is rumoured to be capable of producing up to 800 hp, so the ZR1 should no doubt be able to live up to its claimed power figures.

Not a lot else is known about the C8 ZR1 beyond this at this point. There's barely any detail at all on the specifics of the engineering. We have no idea where the motors are going to be mounted, for instance. Are they going to be on the rear axle? Are they going to be placed up front, potentially turning the ZR1 into an AWD high performance behemoth? Motor Trend things the AWD option is very likely - this would make it the first ever AWD Corvette in the brand's history! This is all stuff we'll have to wait around to find out.

Regardless of everything we do and don't know, it's a very exciting prospect. A Corvette with a power output in the region of 900 hp would certainly give a lot of its European and Japanese competitors something serious to worry about! Whether fans of the brand will embrace it is another matter, but insanely powered hybrids seem to be the new 'in' thing for the top end of high performance cars. Why shouldn't Chevrolet cash in on it?

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Comments (4)

  • If the given nubers are true, it will be competing against Ferrari SF90 Strdale in performance department. And it will be interesting to to watch.

      7 months ago
  • Jeremy Clarkson's wet dream right there 😁

      7 months ago
  • Confirmed by motor trend, the people who were convinced the base model was making like 600+ hp... may be cool, but seems they should wait a little to see how things go before throwing engines and complications at it.

      7 months ago
  • Who thinks it will weigh less than 4klbs

      7 months ago