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Details Emerge About Indycar's Talks with 3rd Engine Manufacturers

According to Sports Business Journal's Adam Stern, Indycar spent the winter talking to potential third engine manufacturers, but to no avail.

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With the introduction of the new, Universal Aerokit, Indycar's next big move has been attempting to lure a third engine manufacturer to join the ranks of Chevy and Honda, and breathe more life into the already competitive American series.

To that end, Indycar President Jay Frye spent the majority of the offseason talking and pitching engine brands all over the world, attempting to convince them to join Indycar. Those brands, Adam Stern reports, included Ford, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, and Lamborghini.

Although mouthwatering, considering the intranational rivarly that could arise from either joining, Ford and Toyota have flatly stated that they have no intention of joining the series.

Lamborghini appeared interested at first, but Frye and his Indycar team were unable to seal the deal, with Indycar CEO Mark Miles saying, "We got close with Lamborghini and we will keep talking with anyone who will talk with us; sooner or later we’ll find our third OEM. It was a great process; deep learnings for both of us. Maybe some day in the future."

The most eye opening prospect is that of Alfa Romeo joining the American series. And, it looks like the one that might be the closest to becoming a reality, with Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne publically stating his desire to see the Italian marquee to join Indycar.

But all this remains speculative, at least for the moment, as for now, the Indycar field remains stuck with two engine manufacturers. But time will tell as the series has stated it, "Will not rest until we have a third engine."

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  • I wish Penske would return with the mighty Ilmor 'beast'. Exploit the rules and Chevy and Honda will have to up their game

      2 years ago
  • Interesting... Bundles of cash going to f1 (Ferrari and sauber) but still enough in the wallet to try it in the US.

      3 years ago
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      3 years ago