Diablo - Meeting a Hero.

    A little insight in to my thoughts on meeting my dream car.

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    A White Countach 5000S, very similar to the car that started it all for me!

    A White Countach 5000S, very similar to the car that started it all for me!

    My first real memory of Lamborghini was my Mum taking me to see a Lamborghini Countach 5000S when i was about 7/8 years old. I was absolutely dumb struck, the thing just dazzled me, i remember clear as day not being able to speak, even at that age it almost made me emotional to be stood next to it, and to sit in it.

    It has always been the Diablo for me, even if the F40 is a far better car.

    It has always been the Diablo for me, even if the F40 is a far better car.

    As i grew in to my Teens, it was all about the Diablo for me, i was a spotty young boy with a poor excuse for facial hair, and i thought i knew best, Diablo was king above all else, keep your F40's, i want a Diablo. But then reality hit me, and i read the reviews of the early Diablo's, and started to become a little dissapointed, hearing how hard they were to drive, especially toward the limit. I wanted and expected this thing to conquer the world! But as time went on, the reviews got better with the later models, and facelifts etc.

    Lets fast forward to 2015, Appreciating Classics is in its 3rd year, and i have the opportunity to look for a nice Diablo. Some hunting around reveals that suddenly, UK RHD examples in good order are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, and ever more expensive. A visit to Coy's auction at the NEC left me deeply dissapointed, a low mileage yellow SV should have been the beauty we were looking for, but it was far from it. A Purple SV was missed at Silverstone Auction, i was telephone bidder and knew it needed a few small bits sorting, but was not willing to pay over the odds as is often the case with Auction.

    'The One'

    'The One'

    January 2016, we found it! A UK RHD Diablo Roadster VT. One Owner from new, and full Lamborghini history with only 11k miles from new. A thorough inspection of the car, and a deal was done.

    The day the car arrived i was extremely nervous, would it look as good as i remember from viewing the car, will it sound as good as i remember, how bad will it be to drive, will it break, will it be slow, will it shatter my childhood dreams....

    So the lorry arrived with the car on the back, enclosed of course. The driver opend up the back and the first thing i thought was....Wow! Wow it looks incredible, and wow its bloody wide! The ting was nearly touching either side! So i carefully helped the driver unload the car, once it was almost all the way out, i opened the scissor door for the first time and got in, then i started it for the first time. The factory sports exhaust only exaggerating the incredible noise! Now i was in a dilemma, do i park it up, or do i take it round the block and hope it lives up to my expectations. I could return with shattered dreams and a changed man.... So of course, round the block it was!

    First thing that hit me...Noise! What a noise!! Rear visibility is limited, and you are aware that you are very low, and very wide. The seating position is a little on the wonk, but it is actually quite comfortable, especially considering i am 6ft tall (The Roadster does have some extra headroom over a non Roadster model). It certainly feels like one of them cars you actually drive, you cant relax, or be complacent as it will bite you. I put the car in the showroom with a big smile on my face, and certainly far from dissapointed!

    I have since driven the car a few times, and having got a little more used to the car, it has only got better! It is a strange relationship, as if the car is telling you, you love me and look after me, and i will look after you, and be good to you. Myself and my good lady had the pleasure of taking the car to a show recently so had a bit of a drive out, it was utterly brilliant on a run, really came to life! The performance is still impressive today, so back in 1997 when this car was bought new, it must have been phenomenal! It loved having a stretch of its legs. The 6mpg is totally worth it, and the amount of attention it gets is simply ridiculous! It is quite simply, a dream come true!

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    • 100% that would be great and i look forward to it.

        4 years ago
    • Thanks, and likewise! Need to get together and do some stuff together for sure!

        4 years ago
    • Page looking great guys. Cannot wait to do more with you guys in the future.

        4 years ago


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