Dialling 911 - 2/3

2y ago

In 1966 Porsche unveils the 9111 S, a 160 PS sports model featuring for the first time the now familiar five-spoke light forged alloy Fuchs wheel. Additional model variants follow in the autumn of 1967, including the entry-level 110PS 911 T and the 911 E ā€“ the suffix ā€œEā€ standing for petrol injection. This cleaner engine allows Porsche to become the first German car manufacturer to meet the strict US emissions regulations.

Continuous improvements see another milestone in the middle of 1968. The 1969 model year receives a longer wheelbase to give the 911 more predictable handling. The 2.0-litre era also ends that year, with displacement increasing initially to 2.2-litres, and then 2.4-litres in 1972. Power ranges from 130 to 190 PS in the flagship 911 S.

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