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Diary of an M3 - Easter 2019

15w ago


18 April 2019: Canberra

Really excited. About to go on a road trip to Adelaide with my Driver and his wife, so Best Way Ever to test my new tyres. Gazelles have nothing on me! So excited my battery nearly went flat.

Update: Now I'm loaded with luggage and feel bloated. So much for that wind in your radiator feeling. Looking forward to the Hay Plain, though.

The Hay Plain: straight; flat; and empty. Automotive Nirvana at its best.

19 April 2019: Hay

Well, the drive to Wagga was OK, but we left at freaking 3pm. What was my Driver thinking?! After leaving Wagga it was night and we belted along the Hay Plain in darkness! I had my beams on and like that kid in the movie 6th Sense... you know, the one who sees dead people wherever he goes... well, I saw kangaroos... EVERYWHERE. They were literally lining the road like some marsupial guard of honour.

Nothing happened until about 7kms outside Hay, where we were going to spend the night at this cottage, when Skippy jumped out. Luckily only his tail brushed against my rear end, but still. Must remember to idle roughly tomorrow morning in protest against that stupid driving time.

Update: In Hay now looking for the accommodation my Driver booked. Instructions were: "a house with a light on the porch", but this sums up about every house along the street. Axles are aching and just want to rest.

TooleyBuc on the way to Adelaide

20-23rd April: Adelaide

Great drive to Adelaide. I was able to open up my throttle bodies, all 8 of them, and sing the song of my M3 ancestors. Glorious.

Less glorious were the amount of dead bugs across my bonnet, lights and bumper. Would you believe it? My driver neglected to wash them off after the trip across the Hay Plain.


I can feel their acidic bodies etching themselves into my paintwork as we drive along the road.

Me at Tooleybuc with a BUMPER FULL OF INSECTS... ugh, just think what it's doing to the radiators.

Adelaide was good. On Monday my Driver and a friend drove to the Barossa Valley through some of the best twisty roads known. After we stopped, my Driver filled himself up with lots of people fuel called 'wine', because that's all he did coming back. Whatever he drank, it acted like bad fuel in your gas tank. Luckily, another person took the wheel. He was a good driver, certainly more competent than mine at that time, but he drove way more cautiously. Judging from the groaning of my Driver in the passenger seat, this may have been a good thing.

23rd April: Adelaide to Warrnambool

Off to the Coonawarra Estate for more people fuel called 'wine'.

On Tuesday we left Adelaide and drove to Warrnambool via Coonawarra. My Driver had dark accents under his headlights and looked a little worse for wear, but seemed to have recovered from the effects of the bad fuel over the weekend.

Roads were long, straight and glorious. For some strange reason my Driver visited wineries (again!) to buy that bad fuel. Humans. Who knows what goes through their tiny engines.

Somewhere between Adelaide and Warrnambool. Beats me -- my SatNav data hasn't been updated for years.

24th April: Great Ocean Road to Melbourne

This is more like it. Straight roads, twisties and ocean scenery.

View from the Carpark

We stopped lots of times to get photos and shots. I even managed a selfie...

Eyeing the spot next to me, but that'd be a cliche

The Great Ocean Road was one of the best driving roads EVER. It was so good that even my Driver couldn't screw it up. We were early enough that there was little traffic on the road, although towards the end we passed cyclists. Like everyone should be, my Driver was super careful as he likes to cycle and run on roads himself (pity the fool), but judging how close other cars swooped by them it looked like they experienced multiple levels of thrills.

Perhaps a separate cycle lane along this stretch?

Yeah, yeah. Cars not allowed. What else is new?

I looked everywhere, but didn't see one.

24-26th April: Melbourne

Melbourne and rest days for me. I lounged in a car park along Flinders Street discussing regular service intervals with an old 1994 Toyota. Man, talk about *old*. What's with old cars and regular servicing anyway?

Coming into Melbourne... tired and wanting to park in a decent spot.

26-28th April: Bendigo

Said good bye to all me mates in the carpark on the 26th and drove from Melbourne to Bendigo, which was uneventful although my Driver and his wife detoured to Hepburn Spa along the way. They said it was relaxing...

The entrance to Hepburn Spa photographed poorly by my Driver


Anyway, we got to Bendigo where we stayed there two nights. The journey's been good. Roads have been fun to drive, despite the abundance of road kill, pot holes and sloooooow cars.

28th April: Back to Canberra

Finally we drove the Hume Highway back to Canberra. I think we were all a bit tired. I was and boy was I grateful my driver who used cruise control. Sometimes you've just got to potter.

And I thought I was lost!

We stopped in a place called Holbrook and would you believe it, a dozy submarine had surfaced right in the middle of a park? Laughed so much I heard a couple of pops from my exhaust.

Oops. You know, pops and giggles.

"We've got it wrong, Captain!"; "DIVE DIVE DIVE"

... and so back home and a little message to my Driver from his faithful E92 M3...