Did Apple Just Solve Losing Car Keys?

The introduction of the AirTag might revolutionize the idea of car keys.

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It's a cold morning. You get out of the house, go up to your car, and realize your car keys aren't with you. You check anywhere where your keys usually are, but you still can't find them. Now, you're late for work, an appointment or whatever place you need to go to. Apple might have just made what could change this unfortunate event with the introduction of the AirTag.

The AirTag is a quarter-size, battery powered, Bluetooth key fob or puck that keeps trace of anything you attach it to. The AirTag uses a U1 chip with ultra wideband technology made by Apple to improve the tracking and location accuracy. The AirTag is equipped with Bluetooth LE ("low energy"), which means the CR2032 battery is able to last around a year before replacing is needed.

Because Apple loves to make their new technologies ultra compatible with their already existing devices, the AirTag works great with an iPhone or a Mac. For example, if an object falls out of your bag and the AirTag goes out of range, whenever someone walks within 30 to 50 feet around the lost AirTag, its location will update in the "Find My" app. However, if someone finds the AirTag, the owner's information (phone number, where to return the tag, etc.) will pop-up on your phone's screen so you can let the owner know you've found their belongings.

Apple is selling AirTags for $29 and a pack of four for $99, and there will also be a wide range of keyrings and accessories to decorate your tag as you want. There are also some keyrings available to hang your tag to a set of luggage, a backpack, or even a simple keychain, which range from $29 to $299 for the Hermes special edition items.

Overall, the AirTag is a great idea for someone who loses anything, like their car keys in the morning. Thanks Apple!

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