- Will my McLaren escape from from this crash?

Did I Crash Into My McLaren?

Let's see if these tyres can stop the car before hitting my McLaren dummy wall

3y ago

That's grabbed your attention hasn't it! Tyres are the point of contact that a vehicle has with the road and as such they are crucially important for the safety of the occupants of the car and those around them. Millions of cars on the roads are being driven around with tyres that are below the legal limit and as such I joined an event hosted by Tyre Safe and supported by Protyre to demonstrate the difference this makes as part of Tyre Safety month. Taking a look at tyres of various description, new premium brands, new budget brands, and heavily worn tyres gives quite a real outlook on a potential real world situation where you might need to brake to avoid an object, another vehicle or potentially even a pedestrian. Have you checked your tyres recently?

You can find more information about the TyreSafe charity and their partnership with Protyre here: www.protyre.co.uk/tyresafe/

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  • The biggest thing I took from that is that worn premium tyres seem to be better than new budget tyres. Even though there was a slight retarding impact from hitting the 'wall' the budget tyre went way past. False economy really.

      3 years ago