Did I settle for this old Kyosho GTR?

Do you prefer your Hako's stock or modified?

Those who have been following me for a while know that I don't have many JDM models in my collection. I'm trying to rectify that, starting with acquiring some Japanese classics. I struggle with determining which models to purchase mostly because there are both too many options and not enough options at the same time.

I finally settled on Kyosho's old Hakosuka Skyline GTR model to fill the Hako shaped void. I considered Triple 9's sealed diecast model, but I would only be saving a few dollars from the Kyosho's price range, which has opening doors and hood. Ignitions cost kidney prices, so that was out of the question. There are excellently detailed race cars from AutoArt, but those wouldn't fit in with the streetcars of my collection. Honestly, AutoArt's "Tuned" Hako would have been perfect with its front fender flares, dropped ride height, and Watanabe's but damn, they're too expensive too.

Normally I like my cars stock, but for whatever reason I like my JDM cars just a tad modified. I think I'm probably in the majority on that one. This model looks alright, but the AutoArt would have been better. Not that this isn't a great model, but it's strengths lie both under the hood and inside the cabin. The engine bay is a beautiful piece of scaled art. Same goes for the interior, trimmed with a wooden shift knob and some serious gauges on the dashboard.

The exterior of the car is the real letdown. Most of the flaws are with the car's face. I don't like how the turn signals have not one, but two mounting posts visible. Same goes for the front side markers on the wings, which also have obvious mounting posts on the lenses. The shutline of the hood could have been executed better as well, mine sort of has an awkward "eyebrow" effect to it. I understand that this is an older model, but it still would have commanded a premium price tag had it been mint in box. This one was a boxless special, and you wouldn't know the rear spoiler was broken if I hadn't just told you.

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