Did Mansory make a 'better' Rolls Royce Phantom?

1y ago


Here is Mansory's attempt at making the Rolls Royce even better than it already is. I've seen lots of videos and reviews on the new Rolls Royce Phantom and I didn't think it would be possible for there to be a better version of it. Have Mansory done just that?

One will assume that if you're buying a new Phantom, you probably have a fair amount of cash lying around. It is unknown how much one of these Mansory ones will set you back but judging by the past, it's likely to go for at least £700,000 (pocket change right?...). Now, Rolls Royce are known for their huge range of customisations but Mansory have taken this to a whole new level where it appears anything is possible (as long as you can pay for it). In terms of performance, the Phantom's twin turbocharged V12 has been upgraded from 563 bhp up to 602 bhp, giving it just that little bit more grunt.

Mansory use very luxurious materials and are known for adding lots of carbon fibre and tasteful body kits on their cars. They have made the new Phantom appear more aggressive with a wider stance and bigger wheels, a slight extension on the front grill and a spoiler lip. Not to mention their dual sports exhaust system. You can even get diamond stitched ornaments (I mean, why don't all cars come with this!). This really looks like a luxurious place to be, but the question is, is it worth the extra money?

Here are some potential specs, Which is your favourite?

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Comments (39)

  • I will see this in a hip hop video...

      1 year ago
  • They've tried to make the world's luxurious car into a sporty one. The irony. Front looks hideous and ugly. If you really want one, go for the all black one, cause it hides all the holes.

      1 year ago