Did steve McQueen own these cars?

4w ago

Everyone recognizes this car... but did steve McQueen own it?

  • YES
  • NO

did he ever have a porsche 356?

  • nope
  • yep

Did steve mcqueen own a jaguar E type?

  • yeah
  • nah

Did He have a ferrari 250 gt Berlinetta Lusso?

  • totally!
  • no way.

how about a Jaaaag D type?

  • yes
  • no

Lotus eleven?

  • yeeeeesss
  • noooooooo

Did he have this Cadillac Eldorado in his garage?

  • of course!
  • no, he didnt

did he have an xkss?

  • yes!
  • no!

did he ever have jaguar mk2

  • oui
  • non

how about a mini?

  • yeees
  • nooo

did he have a lambo muira?

  • ja
  • nein

and lastly, did he own a Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera?

  • heck yeah!
  • heck no

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