Did these cars ever make it to production?

5w ago

Did this Cadillac Escala ever make it to production?

  • Cadillac has already too many sedans, no.
  • Yes it did, look how futuristic and elegant it was!
  • I have no idea, they all look exactly the same to me.

What about BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics?

  • Is that really what it went by?
  • Is that not the I8?
  • I've heard about how this might not actually be the I8...

This is a 1997 Mini ACV 30...

  • ... which eventually became the modern Mini
  • ... and that's as far as it goes
  • ... it's hideous!

Did this Ford Shelby GR-1 ever become anything?

  • Yes, the Ford GT
  • I don't remember seeing anything like that in production form
  • Did it become the next generation Viper?

Chevrolet Volt, reminds you of anything?

  • Probably of the Chevrolet Volt
  • Yes, that electric SUV Chevrolet introduced in 2010
  • Reminds me of electricity.

You may not remember this Maserati Birdcage

  • That's because it never made it to the production lines
  • But we should!
  • I know for a fact this made it to production only in (very) limited numbers

Built in the spirit to resurrect the Quattro

  • Meaning it didn't hit production
  • And then it became the RS3
  • Before turning into the Audi A5

Bronco... that rings a bell. Did a production model follow up?

  • Yes!
  • YES!!
  • YES!!!

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