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Did you know about Top Gear tea?

A collection of teas talented by a true fan of the Top Gear show with ingenious insight will allow us to plunge into the world of Top Gear, and now the Grand Tour, along with our favorite characters. Perhaps it is tea, which is so traditional for the British, that can most fully and richly tell us about British TV presenters, which allow us to look at the monitor screens with bated breath. These are really uniquely delicious teas that will not let you get bored.

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Oh Cock: A James May blend tea

Extremely delicious tea expressing all the best about James May. It is no coincidence that his striped polo shirt was chosen as the main symbol of tea. This is the main symbol of James. The whole taste, the whole story, a lot of feelings are concentrated on this main symbol of the love of James fans. This shirt has survived many stories and is still very dear to James. Only it can truly tell all the secrets about the mysterious world of James May. Customer comments are only positive. Everyone is thrilled. You will not find so many delicious brown ingredients in the teas of Jeremy and Richard.

"It’s quite aromatic, bordering on spicy & really rather nice." from James May's fan Jane Brewer about this tea.

A warm and inviting tea. Traditional Irish Breakfast tea with a nice base note of vanilla and a hint of hazelnut. This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine. Steep at 212° for 4 minutes.

Blended with: Assam Melody Tea, Ceylon Sonata Tea, Black Tea, Rooibos Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Orange, Cloves, Cardamom, Natural Hazelnut Flavor & Natural Vanilla Flavor

Teas: Irish Breakfast, Rooibos Vanilla Chai, Hazelnut

In The World: Jeremy Clarkson Tea

Jeremy Clarkson's tea is called the loudest to taste tea. Like Jeremy himself. The exotic taste of mango attracts and beckons like World traveling. The denim print is in tune with tea, as if it would have been simple and clear to explain the most important, interesting and mysteriously alluring. Jeremy never parted with jeans and some of them were frayed from the bottom. Such attentiveness to the details of the world according to Clarkson gives no doubt about the magnificence of the taste of tea. This tea can tell more than one interesting story for your imagination.

A punch to the mouth with flavour. A base of Ceylon Sonata tea with a burst of berry and mango. As loud of a tea as the man himself. This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine. Steep at 212° for 4 minutes.

Blended with: Ceylon Sonata, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Blueberries, Mango Pieces & Natural Mango Flavor

Teas: Ceylon Sonata, Berry Blues, Mango Melange

Secret American: R.Hammond Tea

Richard Hammond's tea is filled with the mysterious connection of Great Britain with the conquest of a whole new continent, the new world of America. This tea symbolizes the knowledge of everything excitingly new, fresh. Ginger, orange, apple are all signs of youth, unquenchable energy, joy. What Richard Hammond himself symbolizes for us. Immerse yourself in a world of happiness and fun will help his undying optimism and friendliness to everyone, it is this atmosphere that supports Richard's carefully selected tea composition. And of course, the American pie symbolizes family comfort and well-being, something that Richard Hammond loves so much.

Sweet with a spicy kick of personality. Spiced apple chai tea with caramel and cream. As almost 'American' as apple pie. This tea contains a high level of caffeine. Steep at 212° for 4 minutes.

Blended with: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Orange, Cloves, Natural Caramel Flavor, Apple Pieces, Natural Apple Flavor, Natural Creme Flavor & Natural Cinnamon Flavor

Teas: Spiced Apple Chai, Caramel, Cream

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