Did you know British actress Olivia Colman has a full rally licence?

And she's a proper petrolhead!

2w ago

British actress Olivia Colman best known for her roles in The Crown, Peep Show, Broadchurch and The Favourite has done very few driving scenes in her time, which may come as a surprise to you when you find out she is actually a fully qualified rally driver.

While talking on David Tennant's podcast, Olivia Colman briefly mentions she has held a rally licence since she was just 16-years-old and has always been surrounded by motorsport and intresting cars.

This stems back to her youth as both her brother and father are car enthusiasts and did the occasional racing. She also mentioned she once raced round Snetterton, a race track in Norfolk.

Aside from motorsport, Olivia is also a proper petrolhead. The earliest car she remembers is her mother's Mini which she had when Olivia was growing up. And at home, the bathroom was always full of car magazines which her dad had brought home to read.

Back in the day, before her acting career, Olivia had a Morris Minor called Moomin, with a raspberry coloured grille “like lipstick”, which she had when she was at teacher training college in Cambridge.

But it wasn't just her father and brother which helped to fuel her interest in cars as her beloved grandad liked them too. In fact, he had a Volvo with the number plate YYY which he named Delilah.

It's so amazing to hear stories like this about people you didn't know were petrolheads. The same goes for Gordon Ramsay, Steve Coogan, Amy McDonald, Idris Elba, James Martin and many more.

If you want to find out more about her life of cars, then I would highly suggest listening to Victoria Coren Mitchell's interview with Olivia Colman. Click here to listen.

Did you know Olivia Coleman is a car enthusiast?

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  • DAMNNN, I respect her.

    Part time Queen of the United Kingdom, part time rally driver😂

      14 days ago
  • Have the good people at Hoonigan call her up so she can do some Gymkhana.

      14 days ago
  • Wow, I like her even more now😂

      14 days ago
  • Pity, Top Gear is not around anymore. Would be great to see how she'd go in "Reasonably Priced Car"!

      13 days ago
  • Is related to her?

      13 days ago