did you know? it's illegal to tie your dog to the roof of your car in alaska.

Who the hell would do this in the first place? it would scuff your paint.

4y ago

The full text of the law specifically states that along with not being able to secure your dog to the bed of your pickup truck, you're also prohibited from attaching them to the top of your car. Don't get me wrong - I'm not advocating breaking this law, though it does strike me as a bit silly. It's like having a law stating that no dogs are allowed to congregate in groups of three or more without a signed permit issued by the mayor. Well as it happens, this one is real too. No, really. One Oklahoma town felt it necessary to write a law in order to prevent just that. We can only imagine what law must have been broken for this one to have made it to the floor.

You're under arrest for being adorable. OH YES YOU ARE.

You're under arrest for being adorable. OH YES YOU ARE.

The thing is though, as much as the law about roof-dogs may seem a little obvious to the average Joe, something must have happened at some point for it to have been written in the first place, presumably someone tying their dog to the roof of the car. Bastards.

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