Did you know Porsche almost made a fully electric Boxster in 2011?

It was going to be called the 'Boxster E'

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With the world as we know it turning to EV power instead of the good old combustion engine, it is no surprise that brands such as Porsche saw it coming. A company with a head that far in the game is sure to notice a big coming change like this, no?

Just to prove it was a thing

Just to prove it was a thing

Well, they did and they almost did something about it too. Back in 2011, Porsche developed a Boxster E prototype which would have been well ahead of its time. Even now, it's an exciting prospect. It even appeared at the 2011 Challenge Bibendum (an EV convention).

This zero-emissions, all-wheel-drive sports car had dual electric motors which together produced 242 bhp and an instant torque figure of 398 lb-ft. On top of that, it was just 185 kg heavier than the 987 Boxster on which it was based.

It's dual motor system allowed it to get from 0-62 mph in just 5.5 seconds which isn't all that bad for an 'old' EV. It would then have an electronically limited top speed of 124 mph to protect the lithium-ion, liquid-cooled 29 kWh battery from deteriorating. You wouldn't want to lose that precious 106 miles of range would you?

As well as this AWD version, Porsche were busy developing two prototypes with a rear-wheel-drive layout without the front-mounted electric motor, so half the power of the dual-motor Boxster E. These tail-happy prototypes could get to 62 mph in 9.8 seconds and maxed out at a limited 93 mph.

It's a shame nothing ever came of the Boxster E but it's exciting to think that Porsche were working on EV technology almost 10 years ago. I presume this would have competed against the original Tesla Roadster and most likely would have been better.

But for now, we have the Taycan and that appears to be one of, it not the, best electric car money can buy. But let's hope Porsche build a Boxster EV one day because that would be immensely fun.

Did you know about the 2011 Boxster E?

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  • the electric car is just as old as the petrol car, manufacturers have been trying their hand at it for over a century. But the market wasn't ready. Then this one guy from SA came along...

      26 days ago
    • With the other automakers, it was more of a "do we want to take the risk in investing money for the BEVs or not" type deal, before Tesla came into the picture. Add to that, these other manufacturers were also wondering whether the general...

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        26 days ago
  • Wow 😮

      26 days ago
  • Porsche almost made an electric Boxster and we had no idea @tribe

      26 days ago
    • Maybe it's better not to know too much about EVs...

        26 days ago
  • Interesting! It could have worked!

      21 days ago
  • I've seen several 911 EV conversions that work extremely well. If they put their minds to it an EV Boxter could be good.

      25 days ago