Did you know Singer, who reimagine Porsche 911s, also make watches?

Did you know they made watches? This one is called the Track 1 Emirates edition and it's beautiful.

2w ago

Do you ever feel as though you are desperately behind on a trend as soon as you eventually discover it? Usually that's the case with music, games, or foods. However, in my case it concerns a certain range of watches made by Singer - the same company who reimagine old Porsche 911s.

I had absolutely no idea Singer made watches and now I really want one, more specifically the Track 1 Emirates Edition for two reasons. The first being the way it looks. I think the green and gold combo on this watch looks mega and would look very good in my collection...

The second reason is I lived in the UAE for 10 years, therefore I deem it fit to own one since I can't afford an Arabic numberal Rolex Daytona.

So, I did some more research into buying one, but found out they cost £39,500...each, before tax. Damn and blast.

Anyway, let me talk you through the watch a bit before I sign off for today. Singer have only ever made 25 examples of the Emirated edition which I am looking at today, but they also make some other models which include the Track 1 Launch Edition, Geneva Edition, Hong Kong Edition, and London Edition.

The Emirates Edition is finished in ceramic aluminium and titanium with a khaki green strap along with some gold elements which look stellar. It has a diameter of 34.40mm, and a 55 hour power reserve.

It is truly a magnificent looking timepiece and one which I would love to own, but not for £40k.

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Comments (7)

  • Beautiful 🤩

      18 days ago
  • It’s utterly gorgeous, but the price, ouch!

      18 days ago
  • Sooooo cool but I’d rather have a g-shock

      14 days ago
  • I wish that they would create some cheaper watches along the expensive ones. That way the brand could get more popular.

      15 days ago