Did you know that every new Audi is 'sniffed' by its special 'nose team?'

Audi has a 'nose team' of 5 boffins that sniff every new Audi that rolls off the assembly line.

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Buying a new car is always a special occasion no matter how many you would have purchased till you are finally struck by the involuntary mid-life crisis where buying cars might just start seeming a bit too inconceivable because of the extremely cosseting nature that the transformation brings along.

However, most of us today always have an incessant desire boiling within us to buy a new car once the exisiting gives a nod to its senescence and in most cases, we are fast to grab a delectable deal and bring home our next companion for a few years. That moment and feeling is just inexplicable. But do you know what makes this ceremony even better? Believe it or not, it's that very typical, very characteristic new car smell. How many of you would be in consensus with me?

And to make sure that every new car that runs off the assembly line, Audi has employed special engineers who sniff the car diligently so that there isn't left much room for the owners to grumble about. What's more, the German connoisseur has been using this tactic since 1985 and the marque likes to call this troop of five the 'nose team.' How surreal is that?

The brand believes in strict quality assurance measures to ensure that every Audi owner is presented his car with the most impeccable materials and the finest aroma extruding from the leather and the dash. Such is the attention to detail that the interior of every car wearing the 4 rings receives.

The odour of all the materials and chemicals is made to neutralise so that every car possesses even smell. Further, what comes as a merit is that it indirectly allows Audi engineers verify if the suppliers are using different materials for the components that conceal the interior. Approximately 500 different fabrications are critically evaluated by the team of five taking vehicle comfort factors as a pyramid that might affect the consumer's perception of the car adversely if they feel any foul smell is coming from the car. At the apex, is well-being of the customer while at the base, is the smell. This means that if the discerning customer smells anything foul upon a formal inspection of the car, he is likely to take all the other positive aspects of the car for granted leading him to an imbroglio.

Just like how emission norms are stringent everywhere and the government issues guidelines of acceptable and unacceptable emissions, Audi too has made demarcations on a scale of one to six where one is regarded as odorless and six is synonymous with unbearable. To pass this unforgiving test, every car needs to score a minimum of below four (irritating). To provide a compunction of next to nix to its owners, not only the new cars, but also those that were produced before some time are sent back to this state of the art laboratory so that when the car is delivered, there is no scope left for malapropism on behalf of the owner. If they don't smell great, they will look if there have been any changes with respect to the materials used and rectify the blooper.

Upon hearing about this, it instantly made me grin. However, how I wish other manufacturers also adopted quality certification techniques such as the sniff test that Audi uses to monitor the smell in all their vehicles through the dedicated 'nose team.' This is the gift one gets when he has the ability to spend beyond the normal.

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Comments (3)

  • Now I know why their petrol engines can’t even do 100,000kms. They spend more money on sniffing than engine reliability.

      27 days ago
    • Comes as a surprise because German cars can easily breach the 400K km mark. Don't know about Audi though.

        18 days ago
    • Your dreaming, I work as mechanic never seen a German car with that mileage with it having complete engine overhaul and replacing transmissions way before 150,000kms

        17 days ago