D​id you know that Tom Cruise has been banned from purchasing a Bugatti?

    Believe it or not, the actor has actually been banned from buying anything from the French company...

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    I​n 2006, a third instalment was added to the Mission Impossible franchise and for the premiere of the film, Cruise decided to show up in his 2005 Bugatti Veyron. Now this in itself was an incredibly big thing due to the fact that it was almost impossible to buy a Veyron let alone afford to keep it but the man had everything and everything included a Veyron.

    T​om arriving to the premiere in his 2005 Bugatti Veyron

    T​om arriving to the premiere in his 2005 Bugatti Veyron

    N​ow, on to the real reason you’re reading this article. Why is Tom Cruise banned from purchasing any vehicles from Bugatti? Well Cruise arrived to the premiere in his Veyron perfectly fine. He parked his Veyron on the red carpet, got out and gave his fans a wave but when he attempted to open the passenger door from the outside, it wouldn’t open.

    A​fter trying to open the door for about 30 seconds, it finally gave way and out came Katie Holmes.

    Y​ou may be wondering when I’m going to get to the real reason as to why Tom Cruise is banned from purchasing a Bugatti but that right there is the reason.

    B​ugatti like to advertise themselves as a company that builds cars of the highest quality but in those 30 seconds that Cruise struggled to open the door, Bugatti’s reputation went straight down the drain.

    B​ugatti banned Tom Cruise from purchasing any form of products as they felt as if Cruise portrayed them in a bad manner and that he wasn’t respecting the Bugatti brand.

    T​oo harsh?

    I​ personally think that Bugatti had reason to be upset over this but banning Cruise from ever buying from them again? I think that this was a tad dramatic.

    T​om Cruise can still buy a Bugatti

    B​ugatti said that Tom cruise is not allowed to order cars from them but that was all. This means that Cruise could still go and legally buy and drive a Bugatti from somebody today which basically means that I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back except I haven’t.

    B​ugatti didn’t ban someone from buying one of their cars, they banned Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise was at one point the richest actor in the world and is one of the most, if not, the biggest name in Hollywood. Bugatti doing this worsened its relationship with fans of Tom Cruise and fans of Bugatti. If anything, banning Cruise actually backfired.

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    Comments (166)

    • You cant blame someone for your shotty craftsmanship

        6 months ago
    • Bugatti is acting like a room full of petulant teenage girls.

        6 months ago
    • I've just banned Bugatti from selling me a car.

        6 months ago
    • Shotty craftsmanship and Bugatti are not uttered in the same sentence. Had nothing to do with the car. Katie was holding down the lock button.

        6 months ago
      • True

          6 months ago
      • My kids do this all the time. You hit unlock but they are holding the handle so it doesn’t unlock. Then you have to yell from inside the car “LET GO OF THE F$&KING HANDLE!”.

          6 months ago
    • Bugatti should not have banned somebody from buying a car because they sucked at building it. That’s Ferrari levels of pettiness.

        6 months ago


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