did you know? the largest tire manufacturer in the world is Lego.

at 381 million units in 2011, the lego group is the worlds largest manufacturer of tires.

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This is one of those facts you occasionally hear, but you're never quite sure if it rings of truth. Our job at DYK is to bring you interesting facts, and to debunk widespread myths pertaining to the auto industry. We love information, we love being wowed, we love learning.

Back in 2011, it was reported that the The Lego Group produced a whopping total of 381 tires, far outstripping Bridgestone who came in second at a positively minuscule 190 million. Taking third place, Michelin manufactured 184 million units - not exactly a small amount, but further showing that the chasm between first and second place is certainly notable.

Brum brum.

Brum brum.

The Lego Group first began manufacturing tires in 1962 as part of what would become their most popular set. Before this, if consumers wanted rubber for their wheels, they would have to purchase complete car kits from Lego, or fashion their own tires out of Lego bricks. We assume the latter wouldn't have made for great traction, but hey - where's the fun in not using your imagination?

Source - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_tire

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