- Image via: Johnathan Scott.


We'll start off with Brandon Houts eg civic,

Pushing a B18b with Garrett 6063 on 7lbs about 290hp 15x9 0 offset jnc wheels. Full body truhearts. Si doors and front fenders. Siebon carbon hood, trunk, mirrors, and duckbill. Bride seats nrg wheel and quick release. Asr subframe and tiebar. Skunk2 la. Full skunk2 2 exhaust from turbo back and much more lol. Take a look,

Brandon Houts gnarly eg

Next up we hav Ra Mis Honda Intergra Type R DC2, finished off in a gorgeous blue.

Ra Mis Integra Type R (JDM)

Following that, we have a Del Sol submission from a Brittany Tisron, 1995 Honda Del Sol looking very clean.

Britannys submission.

Up next is a submission from SuperOhm, and take a look at how prestine this EM1 is. Love it. Simple and clean.

SuperOhms EM1 Submission

Continuing on, we have this track ready ek sent in to us from Kathiacarlos Molina from LA. Love how aggressive this thing looks,

Kathiacarlos Molinas ek looking dope!

Now its time for some more EM1 Civic images and we have Selim Aksin who sent us in his fresh looking EM1 that is sitting very tight. #fitment!

Selim Aksins EM1

Keeping with the EM1 photos, we have Luis Yadiel ramos Riveras EM1 gracing our screens once again. We've shared this beautiful build before.

Luis' Dope EM1

Another EM1 to include is Max Mezas with the BYS front bumper. Looking clean and sitting nicely.

Max Mezas EM1

Mixing things up a little is the next submission from Guillaume Audet. Check out this eg coupe, loving the set up!

Guillaume Audets track ready civic!

Representing for the ek saloon family we have Tamer Zawati with his crispy ek. The wheels really setting this car off.

Tamers ek saloon. #Crispy

Bringing it back to hatches, we have Jonathan Scotts little red riding hood ek. This car has been through a few changes and is looking super in its current set up.

Jonathan Scotts ek hatch.

Finally we have a submission from Jonathan Borja Villoria and his eg saloon. The one on the right of the picture, usdm spec civic.

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