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Diecast deals too insane to pass up

My apologies to your wallet...

1y ago


Black Friday and Cybertruck Monday have passed, but you are about to be rewarded for your procrastination. If you weren't one of the 700 people to order AutoArt's red Delta S4 in 1:18 scale at nearly 60% off, maybe you'll be enticed by the silver car. CK Modelcars is now offering the silver colorway at an astonishing 67% percent off for roughly $110. That's crazy.



Shipping from Europe will be expensive if you live in the States, so you might as well grab two models. How about AutoArt's iconic Bugatti EB110 1:18 IN BLUE for a cool $130? I would certainly be getting this one if I didn't already have it in red. The beloved Italian Bugatti is an absolutely gorgeous model car. Also at an insane price.

If you've been dying for the Holden Hurricane that I shot and wrote up for CastHeads Magazine, you can now pick one up for a mere $50. That's insane! Replicarz has been the only retailer to offer this resin 1:18 Apex Replicas model in the US, and they've slashed the price down to peanuts. Treat yo self and get one for Christmas.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's ten best of 2019 posts!

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  • I'd also like to point out that once you remove the dreaded 19% value-added tax and then factor in a 10% Diecastsociety.com discount (go there to see how you can get it) on those CK and Modelissimo orders, the Bugatti comes out to 90 Euros, the silver Lancia 75. I may or may not have bought a few of the bugs. They also have a bunch of GT Spirits at nearly half-off which, again, I may or may not have bought a few of them.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Holden, by the way. I might bite.

      1 year ago