Diecast diaries: How the Bugatti Veyron became the star of my collection

I've had to work hard to get the diecast model of the ex-fastest car in the world

6w ago

"Try, try and try again until you succeed" - this is a very famous quote that I used to repeat in my mind whenever I used to go to the market in search of a model of the Bugatti Veyron.

Some 5 years ago when Drivetribe didn't even exist, I used to be fascinated looking at posters of the Veyron. "World's fastest car", these were three magical words that used to come to my mind the moment a picture of the Veyron came in front of my eyes.

The part of the world in which I live, Veyron models were hard to find. Nevertheless but I used to search for it . One day I finally got it!

Sitting nicely beside many other model cars at a local dealership, this 1/32 iteration of the Veyron looked a class apart. It looked different and I knew that this was the model car I was searching for.

When I bought it home and my friends got to know about it, they came to my home and were awestruck. They gazed at it as if they had seen the real Veyron having that 8.0-liter turbo-quad W-16 engine.

Fast forward to 2020, the Bugatti is still the star of my collection. Whenever someone views my collection, the Veyron catches their eye. The Veyron is a car that will be remembered for years to come and I am very happy that the model of such a special car graced my collection.

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  • You will absolutely love the remaster that HW is about to make, then.

      1 month ago