Diesel Powered Rat Bike

1y ago


A true rat bike is just an assemblage of ratty crap stuck on a ratty bike until it becomes a two-wheeled dumpster. Those rat bikes have their bit of strange charm in a funky-cool way and I’ll always look and enjoy them, but they’re basically rolling pieces of oil-leaking sh*t that shockingly surprise most people that they roll at all.

This unbelievably constructed, real-world rolling and trolling land barge you see here is the work of Todd Anglani, a skilled and talented builder with an artistically-twisted, outside-the-box imagination.

But who buys and does anybody ride these things?

“I’ve got 20-year-old guys riding my bikes and I’ve got 75-year-old guys riding ‘em. I’ve got guys that ride ‘em everyday and I’ve got guys that just bar hop on them,” said Todd.

“I get the constant question all the time that there’s no way that’s a rideable bike, there’s no way it could be ridden. But one guy rode his bike from Sturgis all the way to the redwoods of California and then down through Reno and then back to Sturgis."

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  • Great post Matt! I'm going to promote this out!


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