- suckers_heaven, Corduroii & smallcarts, "Jaaaaaaaags" (S02 EP06 - the Grand Tour), 2018.

Digital Art Collaboration on "Jaaaaaaaags"

Three artists, an illustration.

1y ago


Less than 4 years ago, I proposed to two brilliant artists discovered on tumblr to participate in the creation of a common illustration on Top Gear Special.

We realized this project by exchanging our ideas by e-mail. So we had to agree at first on the episode we were going to choose before doing a sketch search each on our side. The difficulty in this project was above all the rather different pace of each one, which had to be adapted according to our time zones.

The software used during the composition was "Clip Studio Paint Pro" as well as "Photoshop CS3".

After putting together the best ideas in one image, we were able to create an illustration based on the Top Gear India Special episode.

Recently we decided to create a brand new composition with the same process, but this time inspired by one of the episodes of the Grand Tour we have the most enjoyed.

So today I have the pleasure to present you the illustration "Jaaaaaaaags": episode 6 of season 2 of The Grand Tour (available in streaming on the website Amazon Prime Video.)

suckers_heaven aka Shiori did Hammond using the "Procreate" software, Corduroii aka Aerin did May using the "Clip Studio Paint Pro" software and smallcarts aka myself, did Clarkson using the "Photoshop CC2015" software .

Making a picture like this took us a while, but it was certainly worth the effort.

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