It's Saturday morning which means only one thing: time to collect my eldest daughter from whatever party she ended up at last night - which this week was in the Midlands.

I've been lent a Volvo V90 to test drive and I want to do so; it's my job.

Option a) Do my job as a professional

But on the other hand, the roads are dry and there's this......

Option b) Follow my heart and drive the volvo to the shops later

Problem would be solved with James' 488 test car for this weekend.... but that's in London dying of boredom outside his house and I'm out here in the country.

What to do please....

Join in

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  • You know what you want....😉

    1 year ago
  • Open the tail gate of the Volvo drive the Porsche in, drive to midlands in Volvo with Porsche in back then park Volvo drive Porsche home text Volvo location for pick up.

    1 year ago
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