Dilemma No.1_

2y ago


Modern fast cars are fantastic - the BMW M135i is reliable, fast (very!) comfortable, practical, beautiful (..in the eye of the beholder dear boy), economical, well build....all for a shade over £30k.

On the other hand, my fantasy car.. the Lancia Delta Intergrale - unreliable (probably), not as fast, reasonably practical, not very economical, interior made from old cassette boxes...also for around 30k..BUT....The Beemer will be worth around £15k in only three years - whereas the Lancia, well, likelyhood is it's only ever gonna go up in value.

Sexy beast (at Goodwood Sunday Breakfast Club)

The dilemma then, if I can only afford to spend around 30k what should I buy? I only do about 8k miles a year and work from home - does the potential investment value of the Lancia outweigh the 'starts every time' practicality of the BMW? Discuss.

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