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Dirt Metal and Power

1y ago


A new competition based automotive show is about to air, involving matchups of drivers and their trucks or Jeeps to see which pairing can take the beating, make the repairs and sling enough mud to get to a cash prize and the honor of being "Truck Night Champion".

What sounds good? Real truckers from all walks of life bring machines that are largely their handiwork - whether they be trailered or driven in. Four competition experienced hosts buddy up as mentors to push the contestants skills to the next level - Rob Park, Glen Plake, Pete Sohren, and Abe Wine. The setting is a converted ATV park outside of Augusta Georgia in the US and consists of obstacles and race courses designed to quickly punish the vehicles, the finale being a run on the championship course dubbed "The Green Hell".

What could be bad? The possibility that these are not the kind of trucks and drivers you would want to go bogging with and help build your ride, but rather the hapless lunatics chosen for entertainment and drama (cue grumbles in the off road community as to how well these contestants represent them). That another part of our environment has been turned into a "brown hell" with billowing diesel fumes purely for our entertainment (how many carbon credits was it exactly that History bought?).

We shall see....

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