Dirt roads don't care...

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As I was sitting under a tree last weekend before daybreak I was thinking about why I love being outside so much. Not just outside of buildings, but outside of cities. It’s where we belong. To be in a city is a catering of convenience, a representation of what the human mind wants the world to be. In many ways it’s exactly what we want, in others it’s a perversion of what we think is best that ends up poisoning and killing us. I’m not anti city. I’m not anti technology. Just that once in a while, sit under a tree, before sunrise and watch the planet come to life. Watch it wake up. It puts into perspective how insignificant all of our thoughts, concerns and plans are. It’s my religion I guess you could say.

I’m fully aware of the contradiction of all the gear and technology we take with us. It doesn’t bother me, but if even for a second to enjoy the lack thereof.

The truck's name i Ben(as in Ben Hur, the Gladiator. He’s a 1977 Jeep J10, but with the older Gladiator style grill.)

Sum total for the weekend? We saw a lot of Does, a lot of Javelina, a Fox, Hawks and a lot of harvested deer by hunters who could make opening weekend (Friend’s wedding getting in the way!). We were a week late, but at least by the fresh bones left over we’ve finally found a good area within this unit to hunt... on opening weekend, next year.

Really though, I don’t care, this is just an excuse to hang out with a buddy and not worry about making miles or progress of any sort.

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