Discover how scary a 800Hp Porsche 993 GT2 is from the inside

Rupert Schwaiger continues racing now almost at 70 years of age with his brutal Porsche 993 GT2. With over 800Hp from it´s 3.5L Air-Cooled Boxer Engine, it is now also featuring some proper Modern features like a Paddle-Operated Gearbox and many Aerodynamic add-ons that go way above what was ever offered when this machine raced in the past. And it was all possible to see on the last edition of Cividale-Castelmonte HillClimb for example:

It is however, as one can see, still a lairy Monster that ranks among the most scaryo f all to watch both outside, and now with this clip, also inside. The relentless acceleration coupled with the Rear Engined, Rear Wheel Drive layout make for a wild Beast that certainly takes an experienced driver like Mr. Schwaiger to tame.

Also you can check the kind of competition it faced ( and left behind for the most part right ) right here:

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