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Discover the gameplay of DiRT 5 on Xbox Series S

First clip on the next-gen console

33w ago

DiRT 5 will be one of the games that will inaugurate the new generation of consoles, namely the PS5 at Sony and the Xbox Series S and X at Microsoft. While all the trailers have been showing the main content of the new title so far, they couldn't yet highlight the evolutions brought by the next-gen.

That's now done, as Codemasters unveils a brand new trailer featuring a sequence of gameplay played for the first time on Xbox Series S. The graphic improvement is real, with a much improved fluidity giving the effect of a more natural gaming experience.

Codemasters has also chosen an event that highlights the graphics performance of the new console. This is the Path Finder taking place in Italy. The effects of light and shadow are particularly well managed, as are the dust and smoke that are characteristic of the game.

Also noteworthy is the well-worked physics of the vehicles, with a notable dampening travel that makes it possible to appreciate the mass transfers. Finally, we note that several views will be available. As a reminder, DiRT 5 will be available for order on November 6th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S as well as on Google Stadia.

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  • Seems a bit too arcade-y for my taste.

      7 months ago