- Mount Panorama Circuit. Bathurst, Australia

Discovering Mount Panorama

Australia's Nurburgring

Europe is very much considered to be the holy grail of Motorsports. Not only is it the birthplace to the best automotive and motorcycle brands in the world, it also hosts some of the most prestigious and revered racetracks ever built. Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Le Mans, Monaco, and Imola just to name a few.

There was a moment in time when the Formula One calendar was dominated exclusively by European tracks. Eventually, more modern racetracks began to emerge in the Middle East, Russia and Asia. These are far superior in terms of infrastructure but they all lack the mysticism and romance of those found in Europe.

There is one racetrack, however, that can give Europe a run for its money. Mount Panorama Circuit or known simply as “Bathurst” is located just 200 kilometres west of Sydney, Australia. It is characterised by its constant changes in elevation, blind, twisty corners and thunderous straights. It comes to no surprise that Bathurst is often compared to one of Europe’s most notorious racetracks: the Nurburgring.

Changes in elevation around Mount Panorama Circuit.

Changes in elevation around Mount Panorama Circuit.

Although not as long, Mount Panorama Circuit is equally as demanding putting the driver or rider under immense pressures both physically and mentally. This is especially the case along the most Northern section of the racetrack where the racing line is contoured by walls on either side, meaning that even the slightest mistake will result in severe consequences. You know you’re in for a ride when only the second corner after the pit straight is named “Hells Corner”.

Similarly to the Nurburgring, on non-race days, Mount Panorama Circuit is open to the public. Cars and motorbikes are allowed to travel in either direction at a strict speed limit of 60 km/h. Police regularly patrol the circuit to ensure that motorists do not take it upon themselves to challenge the Hill as it is well known fact that this racetrack does not forgive even the smallest of mistakes.

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