Discovering new roads...

After having taken delivery of the brand new Bajaj Dominar 400 , I planned a long overdue road trip. Selecting a destination was easy. 150+ kilometres and a challenging yet peaceful road. BR Hills.

Just out of the showroom.

My body giddy with excitement like a small child after having put the first milk tooth under the pillow and waiting on the tooth fairy's arrival, I could not sleep.

Having stopped for breakfast, 19 of us,5 on bikes and the rest in cars, took a quick breather and decided not to stop until we reached the hill as it was already past 10 and we were anticipating the scorching afternoon heat. The line up - 2 Royal Enfields , an RC 200, a Ninja 300 and my Dominar 400. Not to mention the I20 and XUV.

Our machines, ready to be opened up on the highway.

The roads were beautiful ignoring the once-in- a- blue- moon , crater sized pot holes that seemed to appear out of nowhere, the hill section a little challenging in the heat, but more so because of the width of the road. Just a little wider than a bus, every time a vehicle approached on the opposite side of the road, we'd have to swerve near the fag end of the road and that was just us on the bikes. The cars had it even tougher , but we all arrived safe and sound, just in time for lunch. The temple at the top was so crowded that we couldn't step in but the view from the top was amazing. Food was now what was on our minds so that's what we decided to search for.

We relied on google maps to take us to a nearby Gorukana Resort . The cars taking the main road and the bikes taking the smaller inside roads. Soon though, we riders faced a , well I wouldn't say it was a obstacle but more like an adventure. The broken path ended and soon we found ourselves in the middle of the forest and mind you, this was a tiger reserve. Better still , there had been no sign of the resort and we had found the road but couldn't even get to it. Backtracking and taking alternate paths, finally we broke free from the forest and joined the road once again . Google maps really knows how to show you a good time!!

The Beasts of the Jungle.

Back on the highway , we set out to find a place for lunch. We finally took out our gear, and stretched our aching backs ( I was fine though thanks to the amazing sitting position on the Dominar ) at a small town named Kollegal. BR hills done and dusted , we then head back home . Total journey : 400 Km . Time taken including breaks : 11 hours.

Back home.

I returned home, more in love with my bike than ever. The seating position had ensured I stay comfy throughout the journey and the power allowed for easy overtakes. The adequate ground clearance and tyres ensured that I could enjoy the corners just as much as the sport bikes that had accompanied and the jungle just as much as the Enfields. This bike had taken on more than what was asked of it , and it had over come all hurdles in its path . Safe to say , its a bargain at its price , and given a choice, I wouldn't choose any other.