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Discussion: If you could take any race car on the road, what would it be?

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Manufacturers had always built road legal homologation versions of their iconic race cars. The CLK GTR Strassenversion and the 911 GT1 Strassenversion would be some good examples. But, if you could take any iconic race car on the road, what would your choice be?

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For me, it would definitely be the Lotus 72 Cosworth. Some might say Formula 1 cars are not the best race car to drive on the road. However, Formula 1 cars have always been the epitome of automotive engineering and technology, and I see no reason not to use them on the road. The car produces 440hp from it's 3.0L Cosworth V8 which might seem not enough for 1,000hp Supra fanboys, but when considering the car's weight of 540kg and the immense downforce it produces, this will definitely be a blast to drive. Well, I admit, it would be quite scary overtaking a 16-wheeler though...


So what is your choice? Comment below!

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  • 787b for sure😍

    18 days ago
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    • I really wonder whether there is a roadgoing version of one... I know the Japanese are quite good in these road going conversion stuff so there is a possibility your dream can come...

      Read more
      18 days ago
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    • I think I once heard something about a road legal one in japan

      18 days ago
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  • Luckily there are already a few 917s on the road :) Thanks Count Rossi!

    11 days ago
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