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D​iscussion of the Week - If you could restomod one classic car, what would it be?

T​hat is if you want to do it all.

8w ago

O​ld cars are a pretty mixed bag in the automotive world. They look absolutely gorgeous, and some of them sound fantastic, but most of the time they’re not very fun to drive, they’re very uncomfortable, and none of the electronics ever work properly. We still love them to pieces, but I think I can safely say that we all know deep down that modern cars are truly better. Until the 2030 electric takeover, at least.

However, if you desperately want the looks and style of an E-Type Jag or an old Porsche 911, but don’t want to put up with all the inconveniences, and you also happen to have quite a lot of money, you’re in luck. Because what many smaller companies have started doing these days is taking old cars, and bringing them up to date a bit. Take the popular company Eagle for example - what they do is take a Jaguar E-Type, and then throw almost all of it away. They then resculpt the body out of lighter materials; fit a new, bigger, fuel-injected straight-six; add some dark paint along with a strikingly bold new interior; and there you are. One jaw-dropping, very fast E-Type restomod.

T​here are many companies that do this nowadays - Singer with their reimagined 911s, Alfaholics with their GTA-R (which you can see in the hero image), JIA with their remaking of the Jensen Interceptor, the list goes on and on. So, my question to all of you today is: if you were to start one of these restomod companies, which car would you ‘reimagine’? You can also write how you’d do it as well, but you don’t have to.

As for me, the car I would choose to restomo - above all others - is the Lancia Montecarlo. It’s light, small, quite fast, and badly flawed. This is the car where Lancia found a huge issue with the brakes locking up, and fixed it by removing the servo. So it had no brakes at all. That would be something to put on the to-do list. I’d also like to paint it completely solid like the one below, because the black plastic bumpers on most of the Montecarlos look absolutely awful. Perhaps I could even try sneaking a little V6 in there? Or a five-cylinder? The Montecarlo originally came with 1.8L and 2.0L four-cylinders, so it would be a nice upgrade.

B​ut that’s just what I think. What car would you guys choose to restomod if you ran one of these companies? Be sure to write it down in the comments below!

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Comments (83)

  • Classic Mini pickup with a B18C powertrain, upgraded suspension, brakes and chassis strengthening. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1 month ago
  • Nissan get c10 or datsun 510

      1 month ago
  • Mercedes-Benz ‘Wolf’ G-Wagen 250GD

    -parallel twin-turbo set-up,wiring harness, exhaust, clutch, ignition, plugs,titanium coilovers and an inch drop in height,Bespoke Michelins and upgraded headlights

      1 month ago
  • An Audi V8!

      1 month ago
  • I loved my 850 GLT. I would love to update one and bring it back to brand new with some updates and changes. Maybe do a turbo motor and a subtle wheel change. Keep it sleeper but make it HOT. Throw the IPD catalog at it and then some. I'm sure 500hp from a 5cylinder turbo is attainable. Reliably. Stereo of course because tunes. And I mean the best sounding system I could put together. Set it up for long distance GT work with a love for the twisties. Yeahhhhh.

      1 month ago