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D​iscussion of the Week - What is the worst car ever made?

*​Insert PT Cruiser joke here*

9w ago

M​ost cars nowadays... are very boring. They’re just big slabs of metal and plastic that move and have special pieces that glow in the dark sometimes. Occasionally, however, a car manufacturer will manage to break the mould, and give us a genuinely good car. And that’s very good. What we don’t often talk about is when a car manufacturer manages to break the mould and give us a WORSE than normal car. They could be ugly, slow, useless, impractical, have awful handing, many other things besides, and/or all of the above. They’re really not nice at all, and we always seem to think the people who do love them are absolutely crazy.

W​hat I would like the general public of DriveTribe to do today is comment below what their least favourite car of all time is down below, and what makes them so incredibly terrible. You can include any form of justification you like, be it speed, looks, price, etc. But, I beg, please don’t try and attack others in the comments - we‘re all here to share our opinions so we shouldn’t judge others and yada yada yada all that school motivational stuff.

A​s for me, I will always have a dark place in my soul reserved for the 1st Gen Lancia Ypsilon. First of all, this abysmal machine arrived at what I’m going to call the ‘Downfall Period’ of Lancia - where the 2nd Gen Delta arrived, having lost all of it’s rallying pedigree, alongside the Kappa and the Thesis - all of which were absolutely terrible in every way. The Ypsilon was the spearhead of this downfall - it was ugly - from the front, back, and sides, it’s slow - a 1.2L four-cylinder won’t be producing much power anytime soon... and it hasn’t here either; only about 84 brake horsepowers were produced; and it was such a far cry from what a Lancia used to be that it really brought to light how far the company had fallen.

B​ut, as always that’s just my opinion... Be sure to write yours down in the comments!

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Comments (13)

  • Citroen C3 Pluriel, Trabant, Bricklin SV-1, Most Chrysler cars, Amphicar, Mustang II-Some of the worst cars

      2 months ago
  • Chrysler Neon, daewoo nexus, ssanyong rodius.

    These are cars for people who don’t care and just want to get from a-b. They are misguided and should have got a taxi or asked someone to choose for them

      2 months ago
  • I would have to say that this is the ugliest car: The 1955 Messerschmitt KR200

      1 month ago
  • Lamborghini sogna

      2 months ago
  • ssanyong rodius (ugly), lexus sc430, citreon c3, chevy trax.

      2 months ago