Dixon Adds to Chorus of Praise for 2018 Aero Package

The veteran Ganassi driver is the latest in a long line of drivers to speak with excitement about the potential of the 2018 Indycar package.

3y ago

It has been written to death at this point, but it still bears worth repeating: the 2018 Indycar Aero Package will make for better racing. At least that's what 2008 Indy 500 winner and 2016 Indycar Series Champion Scott Dixon believes.

In a recent interview with Racer, Dixon said about the new cars, "Driving in the wake of another car is much better and there's a lot less buffeting."

He went on, "How the 2017 car was, there was a lot of buffeting, a ton of air moving around, and that's been greatly improved. Like at Texas, it felt like you could pull up and get a pass done on the same straight instead of pulling out at the end right as you're about to turn in together. It was significantly better when you're in the tow. It's more predictable, and the air itself has settled down."

While Dixon conceded that his feelings about the car may not be indicative of how they will respond in race day as, thus far, they have only tested two cars at a time.

Still, with all the talk about reduced wash, one thing is for certain. Indycar looks like it will be in for an extremely competitive and exciting 2018 season.


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