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A vehicle registration plate is required in all countries, for official identification purposes. So if you somehow lose them, they get damaged - or stolen, you have to get a new set. How would you do that, though?

Most people would probably just order replacement plates, but some people probably don’t feel like going through all that trouble. Someone thought it would be a good idea to just ‘do it yourself’.

The handcrafted cardboard plate with letters and numbers scribbled on with markers totally fooled me, but unfortunately the police in Hopkinton, Massachusetts weren’t really convinced. Turns out this was not a good enough replacement for a state-issued plate.

The police didn't approve of the creative solution as they posted this on facebook.


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  • if it was just a lost plate and he was trying to get to the dmv or what ever, did a ticket really need to happen. I guess the whole story is always told 3 ways. lol. the news, the civilian and the truth. lol.

    1 year ago
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    • Well, they charged the driver with operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle, which is a serious offence.

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    • ya it's a 2500 dollar fine where I live. a couple of us got them as 16 17 year olds. lol. and a few duis. I'm so glad those days are behind us.

      1 year ago
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