DIY Water powered car

2y ago


American inventor, Eddie Pickled-CrotchPocket (33) from BricksPile, Wyoming has created the worlds first Water powered car.

The Tap water powered car will run for 400 miles on one tank of water, but he did say he can get better performance out of bottled European water. Eddie (64) said he got the idea for the car out of a book he found while in a dumpster (skip) outside a joke shop in the high street.

He, Eddie (8.3), told us it took him twelve (16) months to create the vehicle, its the third attempt at building a car, the first fell apart because he built it from an model kit in his garage. But as it was only 5 inches (18 metres, using the metric system) long he couldn't drive it and accidentally sat on it one evening. His second attempt was made from Lego and could only be driven using de-ionised water from the sky.

The third attempt of the car is made out of fibre-glass, orange peel and spit from the Gwaa Gwaa bird only found in the tree tops of Peru. Eddie (94) is really proud of his creation and we can see why. Its amazing, 0 - 60 in under 4 minutes and it'll do a quarter mile...... downhill and with a following wind, Eddie (44) then joked about eating a lot of baked beans before doing a speed test.

Taking the car out for a test drive was filled with issues from the start, we couldn't get the hose pipe to reach so we had to improvise, unfortunately we were spotted by the local police who gave us a ticket for indecent exposure and doing something with a car that wasn't allowed in that state.

Eddie (83, or 253.4356 using the metric system) told us before we set off that the car had a problem getting into third from second and that it was best to go into fourth then third, he wasn't wrong, he made the gearbox himself and it showed.

We had only been out 20 minutes when it started raining but we used this opportunity to try out the self fuelling feature of the car, an upside down umbrella on the back. The second some rain water got into the engine it was off. At one point we almost got up to 16 MPH (900 Million KPH, using the metric system)

We really didn't want to give the car back, it was such a pleasure to drive and very efficient too, being driven purely on water.

Since our visit to see Eddie (54) we have found out he's been given some serious money to keep the car from going into production, he says the paint he used is a rare type and they don't want it to run out so he agreed.

Good on you Eddie (83.2) and thank you for inviting us to see your wonderful creation.