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DMEC driver Michal Reichert is selling his E92 M3 Tirekiller EVO2

Reichert is selling his prized 900 horsepower M50 turbo powered E92 M3 competition car.

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Being a fan of drifting and covering it professionally, you take note when some special ex-drift cars may pop up for sale. Multiplying that by fact that I am a connoisseur of the E9x M3 BMW chassis I know where the best E9x M3s are in the world and who builds them - and one special tirekiller of a E92 M3 just went up for sale.

This particular E92 M3 is Czech Drift Series drifter and Drift Masters European Championship competitor Michal Reichert's ex-competition car. He refers to the car as his "Tirekiller EVO2", he is up to EVO3 which is another amazing E92 M3 build. EVO3 is a S54 Turbo powered E92 M3, while this EVO2 E92 M3 is a M50 turbo powered machine.

Reichert competed professionally with the E92 M3 from 2016-2020 and told me that though not his current competition vehicle, it is rebuild and ready to race in its current form. The engine was rebuilt, the gearbox, new wiring, new paint, new bodykit panels, new doors, and even new windows.

Michal Reichert

Michal Reichert

The engine has the dial turned to 11 as the M50 turbocharged powerplant kicks out 900 horsepower and 1200 nm of torque. It has CP pistons, HPO rods, Supertech valves, a PT6265 Precision turbo, Tilton clutch plate, super HD intake manifold, 1600ccm injectors, an AUtronic engine unit, a NUKE fuel system, and a 3.5"exhaust with Simons muffler to let it sing.

Michal Reichert

Michal Reichert

On the drivetrain side of things, it comes equipped with a Samsonas dog box transmission, while the stock M3 differential and stock M3 half shafts. Regarding suspension, the M3 features Protlum 3 way rallye suspension and a WISEFAB front kit. The rear kit is custom made arms as back in 2018 there wasn't a compatible WISEFAB kit.

Speaking or rallye, the M3 features a full WRC-spec rollcage done by VND czech. Sabelt seats and harnesses, Sparco steering wheel and a carbon kevlar matte coasted dashboard blankets the cabin. The car features a full carbon kevlar body by Lamino.cz and fiberglass doors by mikinkaprojekt.pl.

The vehicle is available for sale for a price of 50,000 Euros. It is truly a steal at that price. If interested you can contact Reichert via Instagram or email.

If you want to get a look at this monster, check out this on board footage of Reichert taking on a hill climb event in it:

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