Do air filters really make a difference?

    Can a piece of foam really make a big difference?

    3w ago


    There are tonnes of different choices where air filters are concerned, from budget right up to carbon fibre loveliness.

    Can a change of air filter really make a difference? Jonathan from tests each option to see which is best


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    • Many years ago, I worked for RamAir.

      You have shown what we knew, quarter of a century ago.

      Worth noting that filters can work in different ways to reduce particles passing though.

      Some will filter, as we think of it, buy having very small pores in the filter medium. Others increase the distance that the air flows (foam ones work like this usually). This increases the time taken for the air to pass though, which lowers the speed causing the particles to 'drop out' and then cling to the filter material.

      It is all really down to the surface area of the filter a paper one usually has a much larger surface area than a foam one.

        11 days ago
    • Ever since I've started buying and driving cars, I've serviced them at an authorised dealership. Hence, I've never thought about it!

        20 days ago
    • Interesting, thanks

        23 days ago


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