It is almost undeniable that owning and driving an actual race car, is the dream of many.
The experience would rival almost anything of the same calibre, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Owning a race car seems like fun, many expect to put them onto the roads, but in reality if you were to pull up at a set of traffic lights or the like, it’s more than likely the car would over heat and you’d find yourself looking like a roast turkey after the explosion.

So in reality owning a race car doesn’t seem like it is actually worth it does it?

Three words… Track Day Car.

Here’s where it becomes fun, owning a race car specifically for track days is perhaps the best option (if you’re financially superior to everyone else). Race Cars do not come cheap, £100,000 and the rest you’d be looking to spend, but Christ it’s one hell of an investment.

You can buy an Aston Martin DB9 that’s over 10 years old for £28,000 or a 1999 Ferrari for £47,000. Yes, they’re road cars but for the price and the usage as a track day car, it seems like a waste of your hard earned money!

Take the BMW M3 GT3 for example, replaced by the newer M6 by all factory teams so they’re almost of no use to the team, but still totally valuable to the everyman wanting a track day car. As the car is designed specifically to be driven on the track, the experience from owning one as a track day car is almost as authentic as it gets to racing in a real life setting.

Not to mention they’re already homologated, so they are totally safe unlike a self-built kit car or an old road sports car.

Aside from the obvious drawback of price, there are other limitations that may go a miss.

Let’s take parts as an example. If a part decides to one day not work efficiently or at all then you’d need to track down the part directly from the factory where it was manufactured.

These cars aren’t your run of the mill road car that you can sort of patch up with non-manufacturer parts, you must adhere to the parts that the car is originally built with, so in the grand scheme of things it becomes awfully expensive, but for the experience? It’s worth absolutely every penny and you’d have total bragging rights over absolutely everyone with a bog standard Ferrari or Porsche road car! Although it’s not like owning a Ferrari or Porsche is entirely ‘bog standard’.

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