Do Williams stand a chance in 2022 ?

Could Williams have a renaissance in 2022 ?

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Williams that team with the big history that is adored yet pitied by many. For a fair few years now they have been a back marker an irrelevance almost. Their future has looked uncertain at times especially when the Williams family decided to sell the team to Dorilton Capital. This threw uncertainty about what would happen to the team that had not seen success in a while. Yet it also brings hope because Dorilton brings in big money and also the ability to see the team from an outside perspective and completely shake things up.

First things first team principle and at the helm is Jost Capito who is both CEO and team principal with help from others this helps to streamline the team and make sure the whole machine works as one cohesive unit.

Then there are the drivers. Now yes Latifi is a pay driver but his money brings vital funds to the team and is arguably on his day F1 level. The other driver is a bit of a problem however with Russell leaving at the end of the season Albon is set to replace him. But is he good enough ? Well he has had a year out and the last time he was racing in F1 he was a bit shaky. But back then there was a lot of pressure on him at Red Bull and he had very little experience. Being at a team like Williams may allow him to ease his way in and feel comfortable with the car and especially the back end.

Williams have also recruited Jenson Button in an advisory role and he is a man who can bring critical knowledge to the team being a world champion and having driven for underdogs as well as top dogs in the past.

Alex Albon will also be a new and very interesting addition to Williams in 2021 with him having an amazing season in 2019 but falling short in 2020 his first full season in a Red Bull. It was always evident that the kid had pace and as we have seen many times over the years the Red Bull young drivers programme probably isn't the best place to develop especially when they rarely give drivers time. Add to this the fact that he was partnering Max Verstappen and it is hard to say that he is a failure. With the right environment around him and the reduced amount of pressure on him that comes naturally from racing for a team nobody expects anything from and he might just find his feet.

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