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Do you agree with Jezza's opinion that the SLR is waaaaaay better than the F1??
  • Yay,Jezza's always correct!!
  • I don't like both cars,so I don't care
  • Noooooo!!F1 always,the SLR sucks in front of it!!
  • Both are equally good........

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  • The f1 is the perfect supercar, the SLR is more towards a GT car (even if it is supercar quick). I just don’t think you can compare them, they’re two completely different cars. But I would go for the f1, that car has a special place in my heart and always will, to me it’s the perfect car.

      30 days ago
    • The SLR for my case,cuz it has a special place in my heart

        30 days ago
    • I completely get that, some cars have a place in your heart for the rest of time, for me that’s the F1 and a select few others, for others it’s something else.

        30 days ago
  • can’t choose they are both amazing

      30 days ago
  • The F1 is the ultimate supercar. The SLR will never be on the same level as it, let alone be better than the F1

      30 days ago
  • I adore both of them! I can’t choose

      30 days ago
  • I think he might have been drunk when he said that, that is absolute garbage, the F1 cannot be competed with

      29 days ago


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