Do you find the S1000RR boring, dull and common? This is the bike for you then!

Can a tiny Italian company take the epic BMW S1000RR and make it even more exotic and exciting? Even if they could, what would it cost?

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Bimota has been long know for taking looking at a production bike, and saying that they could improve it. The focus on improvement has been performance. By making the engine more powerful, installing much better suspension and designing sharper handling frames. When Bimota first started they sold "kits" that you would build yourself. They have always been ultra low volume production, very exotic and fairly expensive.

SPeed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?

Often I write about interesting motorcycles that I find for sale. Generally I talk about where I see value in the markets, or Smart Buys. Not that long ago I wrote about a Bimota SB6R. It is powered by a Suzuki GSXR1100 motor, but is the better part of a hundred pounds lighter due to extensive use of carbon fiber. Bimota made about 600 of them, and the one I saw listed had a slightly higher asking price then a really mint GSXR1100. I thought that represented a good value. So much so that I actually bought it.

The subject of today, does not exactly fall into that type of category. The bike in question is currently listed at $55,000 usd. While I can not say it appeals to me from a value point of view. There is no question that it is rare, exotic and something to lust after. I have struggled to find a good car analogy for this bike. Closest I can find would be a Zonda. Sure they are wildly expensive and there are better things to spend money on, but it is undeniably desirable.

So, on to the bike. It is a Bimota BB3. Powered by a BMW S1000RR making over 190hp. The basic BMW changed the top tier class in an instant. Many were left playing catch up. It was such a leap forward in technology that Bimota did not see a reason to push it much further in terms of all out specs. The BB3 makes about the same horsepower as a standard BMW, and the two bikes weigh about the same as well.

The devil is in the details. Bimota installed some weapons grade suspension, light wheels, and the best brakes one could put on a road bike at the time. They worked to tune the handling for maximum performance, rather then to appeal to a wide range of corporate buyers.

Bimota made a valiant effort to race the BB3 in World Superbike. Many in period reviews raved about the performance and handling.

The current $55k asking price is inline with what these machines sold for new. This one is listed as being new, but a 2017 model year. It appears that the factory build about 25 of these bikes, but did offer the components of build your own. Unsure on how many of those kits were made/sold. In the last gasp of breath before Bimotas most recent closure they announced they would supply a few more kits. It is also unclear if this bike was a factory build, or a kit. Personally I do not think there would be much difference in value.

As a comment on price, I would be shocked if it actually sold for $55,000. Just do not think there are that many people that are crazy about Bimota. A Ducati 1299 Superleggera would be a better buy in my opinion. I could see $35-40k though. That said, I am happy that it exists.

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