Do you know what makes these cars so interesting?

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What makes the Jaguar XJ220 so much different than anything else around?

  • G​ullwing Doors
  • Pop-Down headlamps
  • It's 1.63X longer than the largest Great White Shark

T​he Howmet TX is interesting in that...

  • I​t was the only turbine-powered car to win a race
  • I​t's body is mostly made of Cotton
  • I​t was the first race car to have ever have a fitted windscreen wiper

We all love the Bentley Brooklands. Wait... why?

  • T​he interior is stained with stain glass
  • I​t is exactly half the length of a London Bus
  • 1​1 cows were used for the interior

W​hat (specifically) separates the Ferrari 250 GTO from any other car known?

  • I​t is classified as a piece of art
  • I​t's expensive
  • Y​ou can only access the engine by jacking up the car

T​his one should be easy. Why does everyone love the Aston Martin DB5?

  • J​ames Bond, of course!
  • P​roduced in Asia, badged in Britain
  • Nobody has ever put a bumper sticker on one

What makes the Lancia 037 so unique?

  • F​irst rally car with more than 10 lights
  • L​ast RWD rally car to win the WRC
  • I​t was Lancias last road/rally car

N​ot only is the Jaguar XK-120 beautiful, but it was able to take this prized title home in the 1940's...

  • L​ightist road car ever produced
  • The shortest car ever produced (in height)
  • T​he fastest road car ever made

A​hh, the 1953 Corvette. Slow, heavy, and a bit ugly, but what else made it so interesting?

  • I​t was only available in white with a red interior
  • Its tires were larger than a man-hole cover
  • T​he headlights were taken from a MGB

T​he Saab 99 Turbo. Why was that important again?

  • H​as a joystick for steering!
  • I​t's air-conditioning came through the front of the windscreen!
  • T​he first Turbo road car for the masses!

A​nd finally... What was the Ford Pinto so notorious for?

  • T​he glass would shatter every tome you hit a large bump
  • I​t would catch on fire if someone rammed it in the back
  • Y​ou had to pay extra for a mirror and back seats

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