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Do you like car museums? Germany has some good places for you (Pt.2)

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Here we are with the second part of this mini guide about car museums in Germany. If you missed the previous post you can find it here. Apparently Germany is like heaven for car enthusiasts, there are plenty of museums with affordable prices and good quality exhibitions.

BMW Museum and Welt (Munich)

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Located in Munich, BMW museum is also know as the "Salad bowl" for its rather unusual bowl shape. The building was designed by architect Karl Shwanzer, who projected also the BMW headquarters. The visits starts from the basement, and then it's possible to admire the evolution of BMW brand from the very beginning to prototypes and future innovations through seven themed "House" Design, Company, Motorcycle, Technology, Motorsport, Brand and Series. Among the permanent exhibitions there is also a space dedicated to roadster and Art Cars, other than a Remembrance area to remember and document the times when forced labourers were employed in the company either during the war, to produce armaments. In front of the museum there's the BMW Welt that has a showroom with the new car and motorcycle models, shops, restaurants and interactive exhibitions. Museum's standard tickets costs 10 euro.

Autostadt (Wolfsburg)

Near Volkswagen factory in Wolfburg is possibe to find Autostadt, literally an automobile city with many pavilions dedicated to Volkswagen group cars. In a location full of modern buildings and green areas, several attractions await the visitors. The complex, designed by Henn GmbH offers other than cars on display and modern architecture, two cinemas, an Off Road track where is possible to test drive the Volkswagen Tuareg, a mini track where children can drive small electric cars, and two towers, connected to the factory by a tunnel, where brand new VW cars are stored. Autostadt offers also multiples interactive experiences. Among the pavilions there's a Lamborghini building, Bentley and Bugatti, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche and of course Volkswagen, with cars on display.

AutoMuseum Volkswagen (Wolsfburg)

Staying in Wolfsburg, near Autostadt there's the AutoMuseum Volkswagen. Fully dedicated to VW history, this museum displays more than 130 cars on permanent exhibitions, starting from the beginning of the brand and showing other than historic models, concept cars, prototypes and racing cars. If you like old cars, this museum definitely seems to suit more your taste rather than the one mentioned above. Golf GTi, old Beetles, the iconic Volkswagen Van are just a small part of what's on display. Tickets have the reasonable price of 8 euros, and the museum location is rather unusual, an old clothes' factory.

Prototyp - Personen.Kraft.Wagen (Hamburg)

If you fancy to see some unique cars, this museum in Hamburg looks perfect. Opened in 2008, the Prototyp Museum is a private collection, specialized in German Racing cars and prototypes built after WW2. Porsche and Audi, record breaking cars, vintage and commercial vehicles are displayed along with interesting exhibitions about Motorsport and car's history. A walk through racing history, with photos and models rather interesting, like the Jordan 191 F1, the car that Michael Schumacher driven at the beginning of his career. There are also interactive exhibitions and a Porsche 356 driving simulator. Tickets are only 4.50 euros and looking at their website it almost seems a price too little for all that goodness!

There are more interesting museums obviously, check out the previous post and feel free to suggest more cool museums in the comments. Thanks for reading and soon a new post will be out!

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