Do You Like Exhaust Pops and Crackles?

27w ago


Exhaust pops and crackles dominate the sounds of modern performance cars. Since turbos quiet down engines manufacturers have turned to backfires to enhance the sound of their sporty offerings. How do you like them?

Here's what a modern F80 M3 Sounds like:

Now heres what an E90 M3 Sounds like:

Sure the E90 is V8 engine but you can clearly hear the absence of the pops present in the F80 M3. Those pops are there to spice up the F80's exhaust that's muffled by turbos.

Even Porsche is on the backfire band wagon. Here's a clip of a stock 2013 991 911 with a naturally aspirate Flat-6

Then with the 991.2 generation Porsche introduced a turbocharged Flat-6 and exhaust backfires.

So which do you prefer backfires or no backfires?