Do you like this Chevy Corvette with Continental livery?

This Corvette can't be modded no matter how hard you try.

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Lingenfelter has had a time-proven lust for GM cars to built the most insane and extreme versions of its 'Vette. It has been a norm for years now that the Continental tyre livery is endowed on the coupe some time after a new generation rolls out. Hence, the same sorcery on the new generation model had become imminent. Finally, it is here.

The car remains exactly the same, sans this livery which looks great on the iconic car. The front gets a Yellow shade with 'Continental' badging on the hood and on the side profile. However, the wheels painted in the same hue look a bit cheesy and could have been avoided. That said, the matte-black embellishments on the grill and the air intakes makes up for the lost ground. The rear has been dominated by black shade to make it look a hooligan. Above the rear fender, you will find Lingenfelter C8 badging to indicate that it is not the dime a dozen racecar that went on sale last year and the version it warps. The air outlets near the doors too, have been given the dark treatment. This is something similar to the Bugatti Chiron appearance where the front portion can be of any colour but the hind is always finished in glossy black. The most striking bit is the diffuser which houses the quad-exhaust setup of the C8. It does attract eyeballs.

When the exterior has been outright overhauled, one generally expects an equally cool interior. However, I would advise not to use that notion here as the C8's interior has the visual presence of just any other stock Corvette but with yellow stitching on the leather for the dash, seats, door pads, steering and centre console. How I wish Lingenfelter would have spent more time rejigging the interior to make it look spectacular and bespoke against the normal car's.

That said, the shenanigans every Lingerfelter-modified Corvette have lie under the hood. Though the details on that haven't been disclosed, it will produce a lot more grunt and torque than the 490 hp and 465 lb-ft (623 Nm) that the stock car is blessed with thanks to the 6.2-litre V8 block which powers the basic car. But rest assured, this isn't going to be hypnotised by electrification or have any such complex hardware though that can take place in due course of time.

As this car is expected to be bizarrely powerful, it won't give the customisation houses, a single chance to leverage its output because firstly, there would be no need of doing that and secondly, they won't be able to do it as GM has incorporated a very sophisticated cyber-security hardware that doesn't allow to tweak the ECU. It will require the car's original code to make such enhancements to the car. The Corvette's architecture is such that it can be used for GM's future electric and autonomous vehicles.

As the Coronavirus pandemic grows unscathedly, Lingenfelter hasn't had the opportunity of gaudily showing the car in all its glory. We will have to wait until more information on the power and torque output is revealed to us. The inquisitive ones would be interested in knowing how did he crack the code and whether such upgrades would trickle down to other versions. Till then, savour the day gazing at this beast.

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  • Never I thought I would say this, but put some black rims on it then it will look better

      20 days ago